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Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm still not quite back.

Today at 3ish I'm sneaking out to go to Mount Rainier. To do what you ask? Camping. That's what, bitches!

Of course it started with a big group and dwindled down to just the knitting crew. But that's the way it should be anyway, right? If anything, it's easier because no one has cars anymore.

Besides that, I played tennis yesterday. Well, playing should be the main word here because I haven't actually hit a ball in about 15 years. I remember my parents would sign me up for all these random sport-like activities and I'd go for a few lessons and immediately be bored. I think I had about 3 tennis lessons before I asked my mom to get me out of it. I didn't really want to learn. I just wanted to naturally know how to do it. And unless you're just naturally awesome, you never just naturally know how to do anything. Thus, the only sport I participated in was softball. Even then, I only played for a year and in the right outfield area, just picking grass. Yep, yep yep. That was me.

The only thing I enjoyed doing was watching my friends play. My friend, Jen, played tennis in high school and I used to watch her play. Really, I think I just liked sitting out in the sun and daydream about my latest crush, but isn't that what you're supposed to do at these sporting activities anyway??

So yesterday, I went and played and it was so horrible it was actually pretty funny. We, of course, got better over the hour or so we played. And the reason we had to cut it kinda short was because another group came in and we knew we'd hit them if we kept playing since we were taking up two courts and even outside the fence.

The hope that I will get better will bring me back next week. Or the hope that I'll actually be able to hit my friend directly in the balls. That would be good too. Well, not for him of course. But it would be funny nonetheless.


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