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Sunday, April 22, 2007

is this considered a drunk blog?

it's 1:23 in the am and i'm just the little itsiest bits of having too much wine and cranberry vodkas.

but i wanted to say how excited i am that the following people will be visiting me in the next few months:

beth- she called me today to say, "i just did the craziest thing and bought a ticket to seattle. can you take a few days off?"

the mom- will she be able to walk the hills of seattle? will she like our "warm" weather without wearing a parka? will she go outside if i have to go to work? all these questions will be answered. eventually....

the sister, the brother-in-law, the nephew- will i get pot in time?! (wait, was that me letting the cat out of the bag? i hardly doubt it)

happiness overcomes me,


Blogger Nicole said...

i'm telling... THE LAW.

2:35 PM  

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