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Sunday, March 25, 2007

T-Minus Adios

I basically got off a plane, and in a few days I'll be back on again. San Francisco was pretty much a paid vacation. And who doesn't love that?

I wish I could show off all the pretty pictures I took, but I'm too lazy. Here's the short of it...

Went to:
-Chinatown (so cool!- ended up sitting with 3 18-year-olds who pitied me cause I looked confused on what to order since I was the only white girl there. they helped me tons. oh, i also talked to a homeless person who used to live in seattle. AND just happened upon Goodby! i really wanted to go inside, but thought that would be weird.)
-Window shopped in Union Square (my hotel was across from Macy's so it was inevitable that I hit some shops, but I didn't have the buying spirits with me that week. I went to Zara's even and couldn't make myself buy anything. Went into Forever 21/H&M and was so turned off. Caswell & Massey is my new love, especially when the nice lady gave me a bunch of lotion samples. She knew how to get me...)
-Berkeley (the studio we were shooting at was 5 minutes from the campus, so I had to take a look and I was this close to just enrolling right there. what a pretty campus)
-Fisherman's Wharf (I took a trolley, snapped some pictures, got a free sample of Ghiradelli chocolate and went back. That's all I think you do there if you're not catching fish)
-Haight Ashbury (a friend from Seattle just moved there, which was nice. we ate, we drank, we didn't see one hippy.)
-Golden Gate Park (i fell in love with this park. this is the kinda place that makes me want to have a kid, a puppy and a cute hubby just so we can fly kites together and sing silly songs. from the park, i saw the observatory and the museum- both amazingly beautiful)
-Alcatraz (i saw it, took a picture and then bought a magnet at the airport that just says Alcatraz. that's my only memento of this trip and i'm perfectly happy with my purchase)

Obviously, I couldn't do everything in 3 days but I say that's a lot for also having to work during the day. I missed out on the Mission district which is supposed to be like some kind of old world, Little Italy and Castro (the gay district). Maybe next time.

Next up... Spain and Portugal! I leave on Wednesday and I doubt I'll be back on the blog until after April 11th.

Adios! Farewell! Peace da fuck out!


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