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Friday, August 01, 2008

Just waiting for Dominic to pick me up.

Had my last coffee beverage at my coffee freelance job. Check.

Saw Wall-E, seeing Dark Knight tonight. Check. Check.

Kinda buzzing from that coffee drink, probably my last from this company. CHEEEEEECK.

Annoyed by the chick at the gym who took 20 minutes to prepare to run on the treadmill, and then only ran a total of 5 minutes. Check.

Still waiting for Dominic to pick me up so I can start my staycation. CHECK.

Not really loving any of the designers on the newest Project Runway, especially the douche who refers to himself in third person so he can be the "odd" one who gets more air time. Check.

Enjoying Vegetable, Animal, Miracle much more than The Food Dilemna (that's not the correct name, but I just didn't care for the book, hence why I'm forgetting the book title). Check.

So happy that next week, I'll be at my new job, where I can install my new hydroponics gift my Mom got me. And install the other one that was accidentally sent to me a few days ago at Dominic's place (if he agrees when I get around to asking him). Check.

Buying grown up clothes for under $50 at Anthropologie. Check. and Check.

Going on a hike this weekend to my favorite place and then eating tacos at my favorite bus. Check!

Trying to figure out what my pattern means on the Melody Shawl I'm knitting. Check.

Excited about the FREE mani/pedi I get to have as my prize for entering some contest. Check!

Leaving because Dominic just called and he's downstairs and I get to leave! CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!