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Friday, November 07, 2008


I've officially gone overboard and spent a lot of money this month. Let's recap.

-$380 on a flight to Belize for January.
-$170 on 2 pairs of jeans.
-$140 on Dominic's birthday.
-$92 on Hunter Wellie rain boots.
-$18 on a tank top at American Apparel that I had to get once I realized I forgot to bring one in my clothes bag for work.
-$4 on a hot chocolate yesterday.
-$10 on lunch last week during a Florida/Georgia game with a fellow UF fan.

And November just started folks! I still have:

-A solo vacay next week to Portland (estimated total cost $200)
-Present for Mom. (not telling)
-Next week's Dinner Club ($30)
-Drinks with Aubrey to celebrate her new job! ($20)

I actually decided not to go to a spa (GASP!) with a bunch of girlfriends, because I knew it would be a $200 kinda day and well, I think I've done enough damage this month.



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