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Monday, November 17, 2008

Today was D Day.

It finally happened. This morning as I took out my gym clothes, I reached around for some socks. When I went into the bathroom, where I can actually see and not bother the boy who snores I realized I took Dominic's socks by mistake.

I had two options. One, was obviously take them back, dig through the darkened room and find my own girly gym ankle socks so I could run knowing I don't have a penis and I can very easily aim my pee in the toilet. But instead I went with the second option which was like eh, they're just boy socks and no one will notice.

So off I went, wearing my boyfriend's boyish looking socks. They looked old, went up to my calf and had some Reebox logo on the side. Maybe this isn't a big deal for the average person, but to me, this pretty much means we're married. I might as well stop shaving now.



Anonymous aylin Koker said...

yup - stop shaving

7:59 PM  

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