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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, it finally happened.

For the squeamish type, do not read:

This morning, I had my normal ritual of going to the potty while checking up on emails and blogs before heading to the gym. I'm the kind of gross person who looks at the prize I left behind, to make sure no worms or other weirdness is floating around. Whatever, you do it too. So I do my normal peek and I noticed something strange. Something blue. Yep, it was my ear plug. And no, I didn't poop it out. It must have gotten stuck in my hair or inside my pajamas and when I sat down on the toilet it probably just fell in. I looked at my blue ear plug for a second, thinking that another one just bit the dust. Usually they find themselves behind my bed, never to be seen again, until I move or my remote falls down. But I guess if you're a blue ear plug and you're gonna die, taking a dive into my morning poop is surely the most interesting way to go.

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