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Thursday, September 18, 2008

More of the same.

-What's the difference between Miss and Ms.? Miss seems like it's meant for pre-school teachers, so I usually pick Ms.

-Why has coffee become the new cigarettes? Everyone at every workplace go in groups to get coffee. I don't drink coffee, nor do I like to buy it too much. Thus, I feel left out.

-Why is YouTube in spellchecker on Word? I wrote Youtube and that damn Word called my shit out.

-Why does it cost $75 just to renew a passport? Changing numbers on a piece of paper shouldn't cost that much.

-What stock should I buy, now that I've lost over $2000 in the last few days?

-Who wants to go to Portland in April to see the screening of HandMadeNation the movie?

-Was anyone else shocked to learn that Julia Roberts is playing the lead in Eat, Pray, Love? It almost seemed too typical.



Anonymous Aylin said...

ah yes, the ol' Miss and Ms.
Miss is for unmarried girls up to age 18.
Ms. is for unmarried women older than 18. (sounds more like Mz than Miss). Ms. Magazine...
and then of course Mrs. is for a married woman.
Some claim to be Ms. whether or not we are married, because nowadays we don't need a man to make us honorable women, and single older women aren't spinsters as Ms. used to indicate.
i thought everyone knew this, until my husband told me he didn't after we'd been married over a year. and I thought everyone got my political statement when I stuck with Ms. Koker. maybe it's just a southern and northeast thing. sweet!

3:42 PM  

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