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Monday, March 16, 2009

Question #7

Why is it that some people like to sit, stand or hover right next to you? Today I was changing at the gym when a woman walked up right next to me and proceeded to shove her shit in the locker next to mine. Did she not see the 200 other lockers that were available in the huge ass changing area? Why the one next to me? Even if that's her spot didn't she find it annoying to have to constantly close her locker so I could get into mine. Hey stupid fucking gym goer, I was here first! Pick another locker. This is my gym space. That is yours way the fuck over there. Kapeesh?

Besides that everything is going great. I have a job. I'm totally hyper on a half a cup of the shittiest Starbucks coffee and there's a big window with a nice view right in front of my face. If this stupid gym bitch is the only thing fucking my up life, then I really must have it made.



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