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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

T-minus Kelly!

My good friend Kelly is coming for a visit. She's never been to Seattle before and even took a few days off of work to leave Detroit for a mini vacation. I'm so happy she's coming and I hope I don't annoy the shit out of her by the time she leaves.

In preparation of her arrival, I've been trying to really finish the house. Sure, all the stuff is hanging (except a pot rack) and things are in place, but it's the little things that only I care about - shit like installing a light fixture above our bed so we can stop staring at wires. You see, our landlord didn't quite finish everything in the house. We were blinded by the awesome clawfoot tub and the fancy kitchen that we didn't realize the knobs on all the cabinets don't quite fit and that every single outlet is in the middle of the wall, instead of on the bottom where they should be. The landlord's husband is even a contractor/electrician/handyman. None of the windows are done and there aren't even doors on the closets. I don't quite get how a contractor or home owner would allow this, especially when they used to live there for EIGHT YEARS.

But honestly, it's a great house. These are just tiny things that we'll keep in mind if/when we actually buy a place one day. We will make sure that the front door has a peep hole, that the house is leveled and that the light switches actually work for switching things on and off.

So yesterday, we installed the light in our bedroom so that guests, like Kelly, could have the lamp we were currently using in our room. The problem was the wires to install the light were waaaay up above the bed, and well, we are both of medium height. We could reach the wires, but not completely. It was a battle of, "ok, i'll hold this while you reach that and ooh, my arm is going numb and hey, can you see if i'm screwing that in right? oh right, you can't see anything because my arm is in your face." I actually kinda enjoyed this little back and forth. We didn't fight at all. We worked as a team. Sure, we both huffed and puffed, and at one point I tried to add more height with our breakfast tray that almost broke when I stepped on it. But in the end, we made light happen! We're officially Team Electrician. And we work for hire!

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