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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm 31, people.

I just painted my fingernails neon green. If I were in a teenager's room, with one of those blacklights my nails would be the first thing you see. Why is it whenever I paint them I feel like they are someone else's hands? I'm always surprised to see them done up, like "Who did that to me?" It's all very confusing until one nail starts to chip and then I remember me again.

In other news, this morning I saw a woman wearing a pink slipper on her left foot and an oversized men's loafer on her right. She had a cane and stopped every few minutes to look around, as if she just lost that other slipper. I wanted to tell her it's probably in a garbage somewhere.

And then I saw a guy at the gym who I always see. He actually drives me crazy, because he walks around like he hates being there. He's slouched over and acts like Eeyore. When I hear him shuffle his feet and act all, 'dopey dopey doh' I just want to shake him. Instead, I just do more crunches and sit up a little straighter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes I look at me and the hubs, and go, eh, we still look good. Then we got a new neighbor with a 19 year old daughter...now I feel like a hag, maybe it's time to put some neon green on my nails and find the cure for aging(ha)

10:25 PM  
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Blogger ShitzNGigglez said...

Love it!!! Too Funny!!

10:52 AM  
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Blogger Mama said...

I know exactly what you mean about the fingernail. Mine always look like someone else's hands too, like who am I fooling..lol. Masquerading around with fancy fingertips! I lost my slippers this morning, but I lost both. I sympathize greatly with the loafer lady. I love reading your blog btw!

10:48 AM  
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You’re a composition of 31 lives?

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