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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If our siblings were here they would be our friends.

Sometimes I feel like I do a lot of work to maintain friendships. It can get exhausting. Last month I decided I'm not going to plan nearly as much, just for this very reason. I was sick of being the one to always ask to hang out and never getting much in return.

Dominic and I seem to have this conversation every now and then:

"We're cool, right?"

"Oh yeah, we're like the coolest, funniest people I know."

"So how come no one calls us to hang out on a Friday night anymore? Did we get old? Are our friends lame? What happened?"

"I have no idea, but let's go back to talking about how cool we are."

When I talked to my sister today, she complained of the same thing. When I talk to Dominic's sister about this, she too says she has no friends either. What the fuck? Both of these people are like the best people I know. And if we all lived in the same city I'm pretty sure they would be the ones to actually call me on any given night just to see what I was doing. Heck, they might forget to call and just knock on our door. Because that would be something they could totally do, not just because they're family - but because they're our friends.

And I miss my friends.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have that same conversation with my sister, except ours goes

her: you're like the coolest, smartest most talented person i know.

me:do you need money?

her: yea, but i'm serious

me: then why don't i have friends?

her: because you're old, and so is everyone else you know. plus, you really need to lose the kid, it's a party killer.

7:08 PM  
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12:35 AM  
Blogger maya mackowiak said...

if we didn't live on opposite sides of the country we could totally be friday night hang out buddies! as long as you were ok with coming to our house all the time so we can put our baby to bed (i know, lame).

8:00 AM  
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Blogger Melange said...

oh it's common)
we call when we really need to.and other do so when it necessary exactly for them.like sayin:"hey, I'm so bored, I miss you btw and I need to talk to you".just a little egoism)

11:06 AM  
Blogger Heidiblossom said...

I totally invited you guys to our bbq last friday night. You just need to be spontaneous and come! (It's really best if I don't plan these things too far in advance.)

9:24 AM  

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