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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I get up too early.

I've noticed that if I don't set my alarm, even on the weekends I wake up REALLY early. Like 5am on a friggin' Saturday. I used to eat breakfast, then go back to sleep till about 9, but that just made me even more tired. So I stopped my morning nap but now I'm just the antsy in my pantsy. Why doesn't the world want to hang out with me at 7 in the morning? Or with a to-do list that's mile long, how come I can never muster up the time/energy to do them? Probably because all I really want to do is go by the beach and read The Help and then take a nap in the beautiful weather we're having. But I have to wait another 4 hours because the bus takes way too long to get to the beach I want to go to and Dominic won't be back till noon. The Waiting. The Torture.

I guess this means I'll have to walk around with my ipod searching for garage sales and hoping that one of them has the lamp I actually like or vintage lounge chairs for our lawn that don't cost a pretty penny.

Stupid blog today, but as you can tell I'm procrastinating just to waste another minute here.


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Blogger J053F said...

Haha, i totally agree with you! sometimes when i get up to early i just post a loong blog. and after posting it, i am sleepy again

2:36 PM  
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