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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In a place where fancy 3-course meals are only $25...

Where the fettucini is hand shaven and the lamb is braised in wine. The piano man plays songs from Billy Joel to Billy Jean. In this actual world the waiters serve food like they're synchronize swimming and the valet boys accidentally hit the gas too hard. In this place, they have guys who pull out your chair, to fix your napkin back on your lap and I'm pretty sure if I asked they might've braided my hair. This is where you have the greatest views, the nicest hostess and no one spits in your food. And by the end of the evening, when you're pleasantly full, wearing a fancy black dress and watching others order the $100 duck - you lean in to ask your boyfriend, "We're still hippies right? You still have your tag from Value Village on your sports coat and we're eating on sale." He agrees, you kiss and the night is all yours.



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