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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's not your ordinary awards show.

No, not that Kennedy, silly.
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So, I just finished watching The Amazing Race when I swear I was in some kind of time warp (I guess those tabs from prom finally kicked in-hehe) watching this random Kennedy Center Honors award shindig. It felt like 1972 with the off white/but sorta yellow curtains from all the people smoking inside. And Walter Cronkike (sp?) comes out to give a little spiel when I realized, damn that bastard is oooold. I felt bad for the poor guy. Stumbling through words and shit. But then I felt worse when he introduced Caroline Kennedy. She was yappin' about her dad when I realized, "How the hell is this chick normal?" She puts on a good front, but I bet you every now and then she totally flips out. I would. I mean:

a) She was a first daughter. Which means either you're an alcohi or your daddy dies.

b) So, then her daddy dies.

c) And her mommy too, this time the big C.

d) Then for a few years she's thinking "No one else should die for quite a while unless..." Bam, her brother's dead too.

Don't know how she does it. I'd be a mess. I'd sit in a corner for a few years and count how many pieces of popcorn are actually hanging from my ceiling.

Man, that was a depressing blog. I'll try to be cheerier tomorrow. But I probably won't.


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