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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Brita Debacle

Ew, you're gross.
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So, I've gotten a few remarks about a side comment I made on a previous blog. I apparently am the grossest human in the entire world for putting my used water back into the Brita. And here's what I have to say about that. Shove it. (I need to find a new word, I know. I'll think about it, oh no, wait, I won't.) I'm not spitting or farting in the Brita. I'm just not letting it go to waste. I just think everyone, including myself, probably waste a lot of shit. I, for instance, waste a lot of dental floss. I go way overboard on that shit, but it's just so damn minty and my teeth feel so clean. So, by pouring whatever water I didn't drink back into the brita is just my little contribution to the world. If it bothers you, well then don't drink my damned water. Even though it's probably purer than that tapped shit you and the rats share. Mwhaha.

P.S. Does everyone else hate saying the words "my ex-boyfriend" as much as I do. It's not the feeling that goes along with it, as much as the actual words. I rather just say Nik, or asshole, or that dude that dumped my ass and wasted 3 years of my life (am I bitter yet?), but when my newfound Michigander friends don't know who Nik is I have to constantly say, my ex or my ex-boyfriend and I just find that to be as cheesy as when girls constantly say, "Me and my boyfriend did this and Me and my boyfriend did that." Ugh. I want to slap those kind of girls. That's enough for now. I have to go get drunk because it was my birthday yesterday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, it's Maya. I have many comments.

First of all, shove it. (I've always wanted to say that and since you say it, i know I can say it back. Plus, it makes me giggle)

Second, I didn't say the britta thing was gross. I was the one who said somethign like "whatever. do what you want." Though, if faced with a decision about whether or not I should drink from you britta, I will probably pass, just so everyone else doesn't think i'm gross too.

Third, if you don't want to say "ex-boyfriend" around me, you don't have to. You can say Nik, or Asshole, or even Alien Fucker and I'll totally know what you mean. I'm a good listener like that.

11:07 AM  

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