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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

And other shit like this.

Yesterday I was thinking (shocker, I know) about my bookmarks/favorties on the Internet. And then I thought about the movie High Fidelity, when John Cusack talks about how he's shallow because he believes that who you are is what you actually like. Movies and books actually define who you are. I think he's on to something. But he left out bookmarks/favs. Anytime I see something I like I bookmark it, because I spend at least half of my day in front of this damn computer that I might as well take mini breaks every 15 minutes to enjoy The Onion and other shit like that. So, here's a list of websites you should take the time to look at so you don't kill yourself at work from being wickedly bored. Ooh, and thanks to Maya I'm now on her website. I'm secretly excited because that means that maybe more people will actually read my rambling shit.

www.rathergood.com (If you enjoyed those sick Quizo ads as much as I did you'll love this.)

maddox.xmission.com (I'm jealous because Carl owns a Maddox t-shirt and I don't.)

theonion.com (Unfortunately I haven't found a free issue in Michigan. Michigan sucks.)

imdb.com (After watching The Life Aquatic I couldn't believe that Bud Cort was that old dude, so I checked imdb and indeed it was. Geez. How old is Harold and Maude?)

www.speedysanta.com (Beat 8 seconds biotches)

mayarn.typepad.com (For knitters and props to Maya for including me on her site)

www.adholes.com (For adgeeks)

http://www.liquidgeneration.com/home.asp (for mindless fun)

http://www.clientcopia.com/quotes.php?cid=452 (for people who hate clients)

www.adweak.com/ (more adgeeks shit)

http://gawker.com/ (if you're bored with the onion)

http://www.boston.com/news/odd/?p1=Oddsamp;EndsBanner (thanks fellow blogger)

If you have any others to suggest, please let me know. I'm always looking for new, fun crap to read.

Now, for changing the subject....

I always pour my leftover water that I didn't drink back into my brita jug. Is that weird/gross, or am I just being overly conscious for the enviroment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, it's maya. I didn't want an account so I have to post anonymously.

thanks for the props. I feel like I have internet friends now, even though real internet friends are like imaginary friends in that you rarely see them in human form and I see you all the time. Hmmm...

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dumping water back into your Brita jug is definitely gross. I'll never drink from your jug again.

7:40 PM  

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