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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another list you probably won't like.

Two things first.

1. As I was running from the studio and back I noticed that the parking lot smelled exactly like a misty day at the beach. Then I remembered someone telling me there was a gas leak, so I held my breath for the fear of getting some kind of weird cancer.

2. I hate it when I go to the bathroom, then I think I'm done so I stand up, flush the toilet and realize.. nope I'm not quite done yet and I have to start the whole toilet seat cover procedure all over again. Ugh.

Now, for my list...

This is a list of things I hated and loved (just to be fair) about each city I've lived in. Because I've lived in a few places this list won't be too long for those of you who can't read long blogs (like me). Here we go!

Things I hated about Florida: (I can't really say the things I've hated in each city in Florida, because I'd probably need another blog just to fit them all)

1)Frizzy hair. One of the main reasons why I chopped off all my hair and now look like a boy is because I was so sick and tired of having long, frizzy hair. Nothing I did worked. Blow drying it made it worse. Ironing it made it dead. And even if it looked amazing inside the house,the minute I stepped outside kids would run and scream because I looked like I just electrocuted myself.

2)Old people. Too many of them. Too many can't drive. Waiting in line for them to get out there 50 coupons at Publix would drive a sane person running towards the looney bin. And their constant farting, ugh!

3)Sharks. I haven't heard of too many shark attack stories in Florida, but one is too much for me. I actually had a dream last night (which is very rare for me) and I was in a canoe on the Atlantic. I saw my house and I was happy. Then out of nowhere, I saw this net that had a shark in it. I saw it circling around and around, and I remember thinking, "As long as the shark is in the net I'm safe." And then it disappeared and I swear I felt it nibble at my foot. I of course woke up with my feet curled up to my chest.

Things I liked about Florida:

1)The beach. Minus the sharks, I love the sand. I love walking to the pier. I love the smell of sun tan lotion. Mmmm, the beach.

2)The sunset. I never realized this, but the reason (I think) every damn building is pink or green or some other pastelly throw up color is because of our sunsets. These colors aren't condusive for paint, but in the sky it's absolutely marvelous.

3)This weird mossy area in the Everglades. Whenever I go to the park, I always go to the same place. And I always forget to bring my camera because it's the coolest looking thing ever. It looks like you can touch it and it would feel like football grass, but really its swamp with the coolest green moss covering it. And there's a bench to sit on and admire it. I just can't get enough.

Oh, wow. I can forsee this list getting very long, and I still have to do Atlanta, Allentown, New York and Royal Oak. And I have some more work to do. I will continue tomorrow. I swear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Berry, mayarn here.

Don't knock Gaylord, man. I spent my wee years there.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

things i remember about allentown..trains everywhere..cold..cool parks...i actually lived in new hope for awhile and that was pretty cool..mix me a cd that would fit my buddhist nature and fulfil my need for mind expanding stuff...6 more weeks of winter you better watch your ass on that black ice..and why does it have to be black and not white....peace out scarlet

7:24 PM  

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