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Friday, April 08, 2005

Several things to discuss.

Why I hate elevators....
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1. Thanks Seth for keeping me informed with Lost. I also realized I could go on lost.com and get a literal play by play of what happened. It even includes sarcasm. Genius!

2. My sister gets to hang out with famous people! She's been working at the same restaurant for like 10 years now, and one of her perks is meeting cool bands and randomly seeing the famous. One such famous person has been there every day this week because he's on location doing Miami Vice, sitting in the corner smoking cigarettes as waitresses oogle, and proceed to yank their skirts up to grab his attention. Sister says he's actually super cool and actually gave my nephew a very nice autograph that wasn't just a scribble scratch of his name, but an actual little letter telling him to stay in school and he'll be cool (or something to that effect). Anyway, I almost immediately bought a plane ticket just so I could get a glimpse. Then I realized I don't care that much, but I would like a picture of my sister grabbing his butt or something fun like that.

3. I had another awkward experience in the elevator yesterday. One of those weird moments when someone asked me something and I wasn't paying attention, so I asked "what" and then the person repeated the comment/question and then this time I couldn't hear him because I was eating potato chips and the crunch was louder than his voice. So, then I proceeded to just smile and sort of look around hoping we would get to our floor already. Then, he commented again, this time I heard him and because of his remark I then realized what he had originally asked and by then the doors open and I looked like a moron. Oh well. We don't really talk much anyway.

4. John, the engineer at the studio, gave me this to look at. I suggest you do the same. Hi-lar-ious!


Start from the first episode!

5. That's all I got. It's too pretty outside today. Lots of hiking and drinking will be in order!


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