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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

3 1/2 day weekends are crazy awesome.

I still don't get it.
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Things I did this weekend (in no particular order):

1. Attempted to learn euchre. Realized I don't have a clue. More so when your belly is filled with bbq goodness, beer and way too many OREOS. Also realized that after playing euchre, you can still find the time to swap sex stories with fellow co-workers.

2. Went on a hike, and then- get this- went paddleboating! It would have been a romantic date, but Maya was with me, so sorry boys, but no making out.

3. Watched the very last episode of Radio Free Rosco!!! So sad. But not as sad as when JAG ended. That's a lie. JAG sucks! Actually I never watched JAG, and was pretty surprised that there was a show that lasted for years without me even knowing it. Weird.

4. Injured my damn foot again. I think I'm gonna have to go to the doctor's and I'm super scared. What if they have to chop it off or they tell me there's a a tiny baby growing inside my foot, or worse, I won't be able to work out! Oh, the horror!!!

5. Went to a concert and realized once again how old I am. The median age there was probably about 17, but it still was fun. Minus the whole spilling a free beer on Maya, which was pretty funny, but probably not for her- everything went smoothly. The Killers were good, but the show really got me more excited for Modest Mouse. I can't wait!!

6. Got a little tipsy, then drank coffee and ice cream, then saw a midnight showing of Donny Darko Director's Cut. My opinion of the longer version- too long. The added bits with Chapter sequences where I wish I had my DVR to pause it instead of trying to read really fast were a little confusing and didn't give anything to the movie. BUT, I was happy to see it in the theater.

Now, I'm just happy it's Tuesday and I don't have any huge assignments due today. I'm dog gone tired. Sorry for the crap blog today. I just don't have it in me right now.

CONGRATULATIONS CARL ON GETTING A JOB AT CRISPIN!!! Next time I see a Burger King/Mini/Totally awesome ad, I'll think of you. My advice: Learn espanol.


Blogger Mayarn said...

my mom asked me what i did this weekend and all I could remember was moving my apartment and going to a concert. man, my short term memory sucks. Good thing I have your blog to remind me...

Paddleboats rule!

10:13 AM  
Blogger Luke Mackowiak said...

Be weary of Euchre! people here in Michigan take it all too seriously.

10:04 PM  

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