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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Who still wears pads?

Aren't we all staying free?
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Whatever I do Advertisingwise as a Copywriter, I'm just happy I don't do those Stayfree commercials. Have you seen them? A woman at the grocery store, standing next to the hugest supply of Stayfree pads. You'd think the store was called We Only Sell Stayfree Pads. Anyhoo, the commercial seems like it was made with a handicam, and some mom's got together to spread the word about how fabulous these diapers absorb liquid. This woman asks another woman, "Hey, can I show you something amazing."

These ad geniuses are actually trying to make it seem like real customers are being stopped to witness the magic that is the MAXI PAD! It's absolutely unreal. It's absolutely ridiculous. And I only wish my DVR could fast forward live tv, just for this commercial alone.

I'm thinking about making a trip to Atlanta? Why, the question mark at the end of the previous sentence? Because I'm a little nervous. I want to see my friends, but knowing Nik will be there would put be on edge. I'd actually like to have a cup of coffee at Intermezzo with him (yummy cafe bianco- i miss you the most of all!) and just talk- like friends. But, I'm not sure if that's possible now. I want to go in August, when it's hot and the pools will be filled with cute single boys that won't notice me because I'll be hiding in a book, instead of flirting, because I'm just useless. Ho hum. What I do know is this. I'd be spending time with Caitlin and Jeff who I miss terribly. And I'd probably party with Jen, who'd have a good supply of boys to drool over- except most of these said boys are the complete opposite of my type (you know the kind- cute, but they're always looking at their cell phones, and wearing sunglasses at night, and never ever have anything substantial to really say), but either way good times could be had. I guess I'll just worry about going or not when I can actually find the money to go. That's my biggest obstacle so far. Money, where are you?


Blogger Mayarn said...

I can't stand feminine product advertsing. I think it is one of my biggest pet peeves. Especially the Kotex commercials with the red dot. Obnoxious!!!!!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Irish said...

This is awesome!

2:27 AM  

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