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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This one's for the kids.

Why didn't anyone tell me?
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So, sometimes I forget that my relatives read this and I stupidly give away little pieces of my past that I've kept secret for awhile for good reasons. Now that I'm older and am far enough away from my parents, I don't mind telling them I used to smoke cigarettes, I hid Zima bottles in my closet and yes, I sort of picked up a hitchhiker.

So, the story goes a little something like this.

It was a typical rainy Orlando night. I was probably wearing something tight and drinking something fruity, but with a blueish/green hue. My roommate Niki and I were out on the town, on a mini vacation from a long awaited college break. Her friend was the rich, model type who attracted everyone from guys to dogs. So, of course when we were ready to leave, she was talking to some said guys. I waited in the car, as my friend attempted one last time to get her to come home with us instead of with a bunch of strangers. No use- she took the bait and was deciding which guy's bathroom she'd be puking in later.

Here's where it all got a little messy.

While my friend left me in the car, a semi normal looking guy came up to the window and knocked on the door. I assumed he was asking for directions or something. But, when he spoke, he was frantic. Saying things about how he needed a ride to his friends store right now, and how it was an emergency and what not. I was weary and old GI Joe PSA's started flashing into my head. I was polite though, and said I'd have to ask my friend when she came back. Then rolled up my window and locked the doors, as the guy started to pace back and forth. Niki came back, and I said "Let's go." That's when the guy took his cue. He said his spiel again, but Niki obviously didn't have my flashbacks and said sure, I'm nice- I can help you crazy, shifty guy. So, there we were, two 20-somethings, wet, tired, and ready to go home and one shifty character in the backseat. He gave Niki directions, and started to look in his pockets for something. I was looking for a sharp object to puncture his eyes out with if shit went down. He took out a wad of paper and said he draws and if we'd like his drawings. I'm like, "Wow, nice!" as Niki was following his lefts, rights and u-turns. Then he told us tales of his crazy adventures. Being stabbed and how he had to hide out at a tattoo parlor, and other weird, scary shit. How he saved a guy's life once and now he had to pay him back. Now, Niki was looking for her cell phone, because she realized being nice, and giving strangers rides at 2 in the morning probably wasn't the wisest decision she made that night. We were approaching the highway, and Niki asked if he knew where this place was or not. He said, "Yeah, just go on the highway." We're like no fucking way, opened the door, called out to 2 people we saw stumbling on the street and told him to get out and bother them. Peace out crazy dude, hello panic tears.

P.S. Mom, don't be mad. You did far worse shit in your day. I'm still alive!!


Blogger marcia said...

Yure lucky he got out of the car. I never did worse. Love

4:22 AM  

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