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Monday, June 13, 2005

If you care about my weekend, then read on.

Starting from last week:

Friday- had some drinks, met some single boys, got tired, smoked a cigar, realized i don't like cigars and went to sleep.

Saturday- woke up at 11!!! the latest i've slept in probably a year. went on a 7 mile walk with maya at stoney creek!! legs were super sore, but i was impressed that i was able to walk that far in about an hour and a half. you rock legs o' steel! watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and didn't get too depressed.

Sunday- i actually went to the MALL (GASP!) and then i even bought clothes (DOUBLE GASP!). i'm actually a little proud that this is the first time i went to the mall (going with mark during christmas for 15 minutes doesn't count- i didn't buy anything) in over a year. luckily, i only spent 50 bucks on a shirt, skirt and pants all at express. who doesn't love sales? i know i do. and i also know i shouldn't buy any more clothes, especially since i just told caitlin i couldn't go to atlanta because i don't have the money, but i just couldn't resist a skirt for 15 bucks. so there.

Today- went to the dentist. requested the bubble gum flavor just to see if it actually tasted like bubble gum. it didn't. stole a sticker that said remember to brush and floss with a cartoon dancing tooth. then i put it on my work notebook. i think that's funny for some reason. i don't care what you think.

tonight, i'll be seeing batman begins for free! man, i should make a website of all the free things i get in life.

for instance, at 3 pm there's a free ice cream party at the office! i'd like sprinkles please.

as for the rest of the week, there's kelly's birthday and camping on the weekend.

oh, and i have to buy a slip for the new skirt i just purchased. i think that makes me a grown-up.

that's all for now. sorry if i was not very interesting. wait a minute, no i'm not sorry. you can all suck it. hehe.

P.S. I totally forgot about a weird thing that happened yesterday. A bird decided to have a heat stroke on our porch. It was the weirdest thing ever. The poor guy didn't move for a few hours, but was gasping for air. It's a little strange when you can walk right up to a bird knowing that it's suppose to immediately fly off and doesn't. So Steve gave it some shade by surrounding it with chairs. Then on the way to the mall, he dropped it off at the animal shelter where they probably killed it and fed it to kittens. Ho hum.

P.S.S. Maya, I just realized you should've taken pictures of that.


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