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Friday, June 03, 2005

This is for you sport people.

Holy crap, that ball is on fire!
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This is my very first entry that will feature something I don't know anything about, so my apologies if I sound girly. What I do know is this-The Heat whooped Pistons ass, by, like, a lot! Not sure how much exactly because I was drunk by the end of it all, but I know the game was a wash. It was sort of funny to sit amongst a bar filled with Piston fans (and a table filled with guys). In the beginning, they would scream for just about anything, when the points were just 2 or 3 apart. But once the 2nd quarter came and went, everything just went sorta quiet. Hence, the drinking and advertising talk began. I didn't realize they play all the good commercials during the game. It was great (oh, I'm such a dork, I know). Anyway, it was fun to be the only person there rooting for the other team, even if I don't care, it's always interesting competition for conversation sake.

Discovered a new bar in Ferndale, and Maya, we have to go to that fancy looking one on Allen (I think that's where it is, could be Pinecrest). And of course, the roommate and I had to keep the night going with a little Jewish Reggae as he pounded away on the bongos. All in all, a fun evening and now I just wish the grey would go away so I could have a tan-filled weekend.


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