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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Let's break some bread bitch!

Holy shit! This guy rocks. I was milling around at work, when Lew showed me this:

Shalom This

How much does this hasidic rock da hizzouse? Man, if he shaved off that beard, removed that yamulecah off his keppie and ate bacon with his eggs I'd so do him. Go get his cd right now. He's awesome, and of course he's coming nowhere near Michigan. I wish I was going to Bonnaroo again (because he'll be there- on non Shabbat days of course), but I don't have a grand to waste on 3 days of glorious fun.

In other news, I saw the cheesiest thing since a slice of hot, stinky linberger -- a couple holding hands whilst rollerblading. Are you vomitting yet?


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