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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No, you're the best.

Wax this bitch.
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Before Nicole, Steve and I walked to the WAB to watch the game, we had to all watch a very special montage on South Park. A speedy rendition of You're the Best, by Joe Espisito (sp?), was playing in the background while the gang was trying to lose at softball. The premise of the episode isn't the important part here. It's the fact that I've been singing, "You're the best around. No one's gonna ever keep you down." over and over and over again in my head, and sometimes out loud. It's got one of the catchiest tunes ever. It's a great, get up and kick that guy's ass and then shoot some shit and then get laid for being a bad ass kinda song. I'd even say it's better than the Rocky song and We are the Champions, but that's just me. In fact, it got me so inspired that I thought it would be a totally awesome spot for Starbucks. And in my drunken stupor yesterday, came up with the bright idea that I should write to the Creative Director of the Starbucks account and tell him that he should make this into a spot and thus hire me because of my totally wicked awesome idea. Luckily, I got distracted with flickering lights and the wind, so I didn't find his email. But, I'm still thinking about it (I might still be drunk).



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