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Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's hot and I hate doctors.

The doctor is in- my pants!
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I love that it's finally really sweaty hot here. All you Detroit people can suck it. Or at least stop complaining, cause having nice sunny hot weather is hands down better than dealing with that white/greyish shit you people call snow.

Today, I got to sleep in and catch up on an old 90210. Great episode where David is addicted to speed and then loses his sister at the park. No, not Kelly, that other blonde bitch.

Then, I went to the doctors. It's a good thing I give these so-called doc's every piece of information about me, right down to what color underwear I'm wearing (black, at the moment, thank you very much), so that when I come in and the receptionist tells me that, "Oops sorry , the doctor is going to have to reschedule. How's 7:20 AM next week?" I just wonder with the 50 emergency numbers I had to fork over and my work and cell number that they couldn't find a way to reach me before I dragged myself out there. Ho fucking hum. You know what's worse than actually going to the doctors, is being rejected by one and having to do the whole process again.

Hopefully I'll be camping next weekend near Lake Michigan. Super Duper Freakin' Excited! Dear God, It's me Barrie. Remember me? We had a few drinks last week? Anyway, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, make it be sunny and beautiful next weekend.

In other news, it's still Thursday. Enjoy it.


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