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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Celebration of sorts.

Some old couple.
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Yesterday I wasn't planning on celebrating the new year with 5 glasses of wine and a shit ton of food, but I did. All thanks to Steve, Anna and Ari (who I mistakenly thought were Abbie and Zach??? oh, that silly wine). We feasted! We listened to Elvis on records! We even said things in hebrew! God knows what any of it meant, but the food was delicious.

Now, for what I really wanted to write today.

Today is the day that marks my parents 30th anniversary! For as many times as I've wanted them to get a divorce in my life, it really is quite remarkable that 2 people can stick it out for 30 whole years. I'm not even sure I'll live that long.

And yet, yes there's a yet, they actually met years, maybe even decades before that. And this is how their story goes: (Mother, forgive me if I get this wrong, as I know I will)

Marcia was just 14 years old, and was most likely a rebel by then. Just waiting, itching, to become a hippie. She and a girlfriend went to see 13 Ghosts. No, not that lame movie that was out a few years ago. This was the original- in black and white and everything. So, they are there and then, lo and behold, Howie walks in with his friend. Probably looking a little chubby, but sharp. Sharper than he should since his family was dirt poor, and well, Marcia was quite the opposite, with long black (?) hair, legs that would stop traffic and money out the wazoo. She probably paid for her friend to get into the movie for all I know. Either way, that's all the information I have. They met and quickly became friends, even though she went to an all girls' school and he, an all boys' school. They were JUST FRIENDS for many years; for many marriages (3 to be exact). And one such union was with Marcia and Albie (sp?), who just happened to be one of Howie's good friends, (and my sister's father). But he's dead now. So it goes.

It's a story that deserves more than a paragraph. And really it's none of your business. And if I actually shared my parents whole, true dirty, yet weird and sometimes delightful story, I'd probably be disowned (like that hasn't happened before). But everyone has a past, and my parents have a past that's more than 30 years old, but as far as the law goes, they have officially been able to state in their taxes that they are indeed married- husband and wife- till death do they part- and for that- Congratulations!

Love and kisses and all that other crap.


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