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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What would you do?

Praise it bitches!
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Don't you just love those wacky phrases displayed on the marquees in front of churches? Well, don't you?

There's one up right now near where I live that just cracks me up. It says "Get your Kneemail here!"

I mean, I wonder if priests have conventions, like those stupid cheerleading camps, where priests get together and come up with different things to say.

"Okay, everyone. Settle down. Paul, put down that bible! Now, let's all think of what rhymes with lord, jesus or kneel. The priest who gets the most, receives afterlife in heaven no matter how many little boys you've screwed. Ready? GO!"

Side note: I have an hour to come up with something brilliant. I know what can help me!

The Ad Conceptor


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Blogger Mayarn said...

It's sort of bogus that the ad conceptor only gives you a few categories to choose from. I mean - how many creatives out there are working *really* working on fast food and athletic shoes? Me thinks they are the chosen few. And that they probably don't need the ad conceptor to come up with ideas. bah humbug.

7:44 AM  

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