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Monday, October 03, 2005

Fear and Loathing in Ferndale

I want them all!
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This weekend was pretty tame. No late night events, mainly because my new found friend Devin, was out of town this weekend, and my other friends are well, lame. hehe.

Besides, with my neck killing me and my witch doctor prescribing me painkillers, I pretty much had my weekend planned out for me.

Friday night: Read the label on xyz painkiller. It said, "TAKE AT NIGHT. WILL CAUSE DROWSINESS!" I figured, I'm tough. I'll take it at 7 just to see how this shit works. Well, it worked all right. I could barely keep my eyes open past 9. I had to literally force myself to stay up till 10. I couldn't walk to the basement, because I feared I'd be mid folding laundry and just pass out.

Saturday: What a glorious day! Went for a hike with Nicole and Matt, then treated ourselves to Apple Cider and cinnamon soaked Doughnuts. Later, Nicole and I headed to the WAB where she handed me information that I have to deal with.

Sunday: Spent most of the day on my knees! Doing yard work, you sickos! It was actually nice to be out in the sun, ripping out weeds and raking. I'm a loser. I know this.

So, back to these painkillers. What do people normally take with them? I mean, do people actually drink and smoke whilst taking them? And if so, how are they functioning?

Shit, I have a meeting now. Have a nice week.


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