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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tooo much beer and headaches.

How do you gut a beer?
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Lets examine the situation.

2 days ago: Too many beers and a delicious burger with Devin.

Yesterday: Too many beers and popcorn with Nicole and Anne.

I need a break folks! I like my girlish figure. I don't want a beer gut. But wine will get me drunk way too fast, so beer it is. But in small quantities. Not every damn day.

In other news, my headaches have been getting worse and more frequent. They feel awful and honestly the only reason I'm even mentioning this, is because usually these things don't bother me. I'm tough yo! I broke my leg once and didn't realize it for a week. One time my toe was hanging off and I'm like WHAT BITCHES BRING IT! And they brought it, with 15 stitches. I cry for all the typical girl reasons, but if someone punched me in the face I'd just be shocked, not hurt. I guess I don't react to pain like normal people, but I never said I was normal. So, the fact that these headaches are so damn annoying sorta scares me a little. I made an appoitment to see my good ol' witch doctor, so no worries momma. He'll perform some voodoo and I'll be good as new. Unless it's a full moon, then he'll give me instructions to eat garlic and stand on my head for at least 24 hours. I didn't go to witch doctor school, so I don't know the rules. I just know he fixes me everytime, and for that I condone his witchery doctoral practices.


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