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Friday, November 25, 2005

I know I shouldn't, but I am.

I shouldn't be blogging right now. I should be throwing snow balls and stuffing my face with stuffing. But I'm carless at the moment, and I actually tried to work a little with no success, because my computer sucks and won't transfer documents. Thus, when I pick up my car at the shop I'll actually have to GO INTO WORK ON A DAY OFF! Oh, the horror. The horror.

But, I just wanted to basically tell the mommy as per our conversation yesterday, that even though I didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving, I was not at the least bit upset about it. Her and Kelly seemed very concerned about this. As I was not. Because here's the lovely things I did.

-Went to the the gym.
-Took a much needed nap from not getting enough sleep/drinking too much the night before.
-Knitted. Decided the scarf I was making sucked. Ripped it out. Started again.
-Watched Johnny Cash at San Ansomething.
-Watched Lost (did anyone else cry and cry when the principal from Growing Pains and the older, black lady reunited! i was a wreck for like 10 minutes about it.)
-Drank wine.
-Ate soup.
-Finally got my phone back from Devin, so I could call the loved ones and wish them well.
-Ended up renting a great movie with him and Dylan. Me and You and Everyone We Know. Rent it! I've been meaning to see it since last year when it came out, and totally forgot about it. It was truly a great, even maybe ownable movie. Laughter, true moments, weird moments without trying to be too weird/pointless and even a good ending. That's the recipe for a good flick, as was this.
-Ate their Thanksgiving leftovers! I took enough turkey, stuffing, marshed po-tay-toes and gravy to say that I actually had a Thanksgiving dinner (mom this was after I talked to you).

And that was that. Now I should clean the house or do something to keep me warm because no matter how high I turn up the heat I seem to be in a constant state of coldness. DID I MENTION I HATE WINTER!

Peace to all.


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