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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another reason I love my Ipod.

So, when I moved here, I downloaded a bunch of shit onto my ipod and that's when I discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. Free podcasts! NPR podcasts! Podcasts that talk about sex!

But the one I'm currently addicted to is Keith and The Girl.

After hearing a few recent episodes, I decided to start from the beginning, which took place over a year ago. So that means I have to listen to a shit ton of podcasts to catch up. This of course makes the news/gossip portions of their podcasts kinda confusing, but also kinda freakin' awesome.

I listen to them constantly. Keith is a comedian. He acts all tough and shit, but you just know he's probably such a nice guy. And Chemda is just another jew. She sounds like my mom, and it actually amazes me that she doesn't smoke cause she has that smoker from the Bronx jewy talk, that my mom has, down to a tee. They are quite the duo and I hope they never break up because they consistently make me laugh when they're talking about Chemda's tribe or their clown-hating hijinks.

But the only part that embarrasses me is that I find myself laughing all over town. People must think I fit in perfectly with the rest of the crazies here, because I laugh out loud a lot when I listen to them. I'm at the gym, holding in my laughter, thus I'm just smiling like a fool. On the bus, I randomly laughed out loud once and I swear someone looked at me with crazy eyes. And when I'm just sitting at the park, I feel like people are turning around looking at me like, what the hell is this chicky laughing at? What could be so damn funny? Well, Keith and the Girl, you stupid fuck! So, I say listen to them. It might take a few podcasts to get used to their humor, but they are worth wasting an hour of your day for.

Side note: As I was writing this blog (from the floor next to my front door, cause that's the only place I get free internet) I've heard a commercial twice for Planned Parenthood. But instead of your normal, Hey get pills and abortions for free! boring boring blah blah, they actually made the commercial into some 1980's rap video. It kinda went something like this:

So you wanna get checked,
but you don't have the dough.
Come to Planned Parenthood,
you won't regret it yo! Yo!

I seriously shit you not.


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