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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Never say never, unless I say it and then we're all screwed.

I never thought I'd go back to Michigan, not even to visit friends. I just assumed anyone who wanted to see me could come out to Seattle, since no one's been here before.

But now, all of a sudden I have a ticket with my name on it. And it's headed for good ol' Detroit.

Relax, I didn't change jobs again (heaven's no! I love this place way too much to ever leave). Mike has a friend's wedding to go to and he was willing to pay for my ticket. Isn't he the most awesomest?

I actually can't wait to see some of my friends. Steve's long gone, but I already planned some quality drinking time with my good friends Kelly and Devin. Hooray for visits! Hooray for the WAB and hefeweizen on tap! Hooray for many hours lying around naked! Hooray Hooray!

The only crappy part is now I have to go shopping for dresses and shoes (i might be the only girl who hates shoes). Get ready for some serious panic attacks at stupid stores that guarantee big sales on designer clothes. Argh!


Anonymous verbalassault said...

this mike guy sounds like he rules.

5:58 AM  
Blogger mayarn said...

So when is this? I will be back in a few weeks as well - perhaps we can cross paths????

7:09 AM  

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