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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mail Order Gym Member

No matter what time I go to the gym, (usually it's before work, but on days off or days where I drank too much the night before it's after work or the middle of the day) I always see an Asian little chick, who looks no more than 19. She's always with who I assumed to be her trainer. For what I have no idea, because she doesn't actually look fit at all. She's skinny, but for as much as she goes she should at least look defined. Her and this trainer dude always walk around together, but don't talk. She listens to her ipod and they make hand motions to where she's supposed to go to next. One time I heard her sing to her ipod and her voice was so bad, I almost cried. I actually left the room.

Today I saw her by herself. She looked confused. She was walking around in circles, not knowing what to do, which machine to use. She was completely lost inside a gym she probably spends the majority of her day in. That's when I saw her trainer, a man in his 50's who looks like the type that watches foot porn, walking fast toward her. They walked out together, hand in hand which totally confused me. Are they married? Or was this just some affectionate thing that trainers do when they leave their asian proteges inside a gym by themselves for no more than 3 minutes. Either way, I think it's weird.

And don't get me started on the guy that coughed his way through the ellipitical machine. Then he had the balls to get off and not even clean up after he dirtied the machine with his infections. I think I'm gonna start cleaning anything I touch there before and after I use it. Yuck!


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