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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Something of interest (to me).

The mouse in my apartment is either a mouse I'll never find, or someone's cat. This might never be determined.

Mike thought he was turning 35, when actually his parents confirmed he is now 34. Talk about turning back the years.

The guy, on the bus next to me today, reaked so much of pot that I almost asked him, "How much for an 1/8?"

Pluto was never actually a planet. Thank god that's laid to rest.

I never saw the last of The Hills. Did the blonde who was dating the most imperfect guy for her go to Paris?

The book I'm reading, The Moviegoer, is so far beyond my time that although I'm half way throughout I don't think I've actually read a single page.

31 states recorded increases in adult obesity. People, put down the motherfucking chips/fast food/ice cream and go for a fucking walk!!!

My work just had the friendliest fire drill ever. On the loud speaker, a very nice man said, "Hello. We will be having a fire drill right now. Sorry to inconvience you in any way." And then some pretty little beeps happened. It was really swell. And I'm not being sarastic at all.

I just got my second call from a place in Michigan, wondering if I would be interested in a job. I, of course, called him back to say, "Hahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha!"

Good day to everyone! It's Tuesday, otherwise known as The day of Two's!!


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