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Monday, September 25, 2006


I love fairs. Something about the dust in the air, the black boogers you get afterwards and the smell of grease makes me gitty inside.

Thus, I went to the Puyallup Fair on Saturday. What kind of fair was this you ask? Only the best fair ever! Not only were there about 4 different tents filled with sheep, alpacas and zebras (yes, zebras!). But there was also another tent where people proudly displayed their Menudo collections. I shit you not. There were beany baby collections. Collections of old utensils and little scenes made out of lego. There were dollhouse collections and anything Pillsbury collections. If you could collect piles of poop, it would most likely be at the Puyallup Fair.

Then there were the rides. Sure it only cost $10 to get in and then practically $8 to go on each ride, but when you're surrounded by machines that could fall off at any second you have to ride them! I lost my balance a few times and laughed my head off more than I have since I've been here.

And then there were the people. Before we got there, we all made bets on how many guys we'd see wearing a Taz shirt, how many people we'd see with no teeth and how many kids would either puke or get slapped by their parents. I saw 2 Taz shirts, numerous toothless folk and lots of "let's go over yonder!". We also took pictures of just random people standing in line making some of the best faces ever.

Then there was the beer tent, the band who chose to wear matching American flag outfits (also considered while making bets- I won that one as well) and the fact that one of them shouted out, "Some youngin wanted Johnny Cash and that's what we're gonna giv er". I was the youngin'.

One Suburban.
Six People.
Countless rides.
2 Taz t-shirts.
One prize won, then quickly given to a child.
4 beers.
One pulled pork sandwich and an ice cream cone of deliciousness.
Lots of tokes...

Equals an awesome day and night (a total of 10 hours) at the Puyallup Fair.


Blogger mayarn said...

Like, um... awesome!!!!

I decided to start a collection of rediculously large office supplies (I'm not kidding; I already have a highlighter the size of my arm). I will have to enter it this here fair next year, y'all.

7:35 AM  
Blogger joefrie8376401212 said...

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Blogger Barrie said...


i seem to remember you giving me an unusually large pen (for my birthday?)

p.s. loved the postcard!

5:20 PM  

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