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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Donde esta Portugal?

So, Jessie is off to Spain again. She'll probably be there for a year, then come back for a month then go for a year again. Either way, before she left today we talked about possibly meeting up. I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of going back to Spain. It wasn't my favorite place, so I wasn't willing to waste $1000 on a so-so trip to a place I've already been. That's when the brillance in our heads happened, and someone suggested Portugal (I think she did). I was like, "Yes, when and where and how." We discussed time and cost and if this was really doable, and yes, yes it is.

The only expensive part is that now because I live all the way in Seattle, it costs me that much more to get to Spain (or just directly to Portugal). Like an extra $200-300 more, which no doubt, kinda fucking blows.

And of course, because I've travelled on all different types of planes I don't have enough miles to get me there for free (which would be the most ideal). I actually think I'm pretty close on Delta but only for a ticket in the US. I think I need like 20,000 more miles to get me to Europe. Argh!

SO, I've devised a plan for the upcoming Chanukah, birthday, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, New Years and whatever other holiday people would like to give me gifts. Either buy me miles or give me money. Money might not even do it, as I could just easily spend it on a smoothie down the street. But maybe do your research and give me a gift certificate to something in Portugal (like a restaurant, hotel/hostel, water, some kind of tour, bus ride or admission to something cool like a castle). Or get me a calling card. Or just donate some of your miles to me because I'm nice and I probably love you.

If you're really interested in funding my trip to Spain/Portugal please email me. In exchange I'll send you a postcard.


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