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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I got a Gold Star!

I've been thinking a lot about this Gold Star theory I recently thought up with Mike. It's kinda like karma, but not really. It's more about the good deeds I've done or the random savings I've received and then all the loses I've had and looking at all of it every month. I almost want to start a tally right now to see how many Gold Stars I have (for the good things obviously) and Demerits for the bad things.


Gold Stars for the Month:

Returned a debit card I found in an ATM
Received a total of 10 free alcoholic drinks
A free meal thanks to the waitress forgetting to order it (that's kind of a demerrit too, but free always cancels that out)
Recently was given about 500 songs for free
Got 2 coupons for free rentals at Blockbuster (thanks mom)
Asked if I could get a discount at the not so local yarn store, and the lady said yes, actually you can (I've learned to always ask this if you're feeling thrifty and the person selling whatever you want looks cool enough)
Received countless compliments on clothing I've spent less than $10 on
Found a cool button
A free ticket to Michigan (thanks connie :0)


Having to talk to my dad for the first time since December. Bleh...


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