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Monday, December 11, 2006


Oh, I totally forgot to mention that if anyone is in the gift giving mood, that out of all the gifts I've listed before, this is what I'd actually really truly want.


Size small please.

Now, onto more pressing news. Friday and Saturday were a blast! You'd think seeing the same band twice would be boring by the second time, but it totally wasn't. Junior Boys were good to. And I also got to hear more of The Long Ranger. And of course Ghostland Observatory basically rocked it out. The floor actually bounced.

But the real news of the evening was when I was walking home on Saturday. It was 1am, when I noticed 3 kids sitting on top of one of the statues in the park. At first I was thinking, strange. It's 1 am. Do you know where your kids are? But then again, I was young too. I remember doing nothing at 1 am all the time. But, as I walked past them, one kid, who looked about 10 (which is actually too young to be out at 1am in my opinion) asked me, "Wanna give me a blow job for a dollar?"

I was shocked. First off, a dollar? Who does this 10 year old think I am? Even hookers, who are pros at that kind of stuff, get more than a dollar. Second off, what if I said yes. There are a lot of crazies walking around that park late at night. I could've easily said, "Sure, I need a dollar. That makes me that much closer to the 6 pack I've been eyeing at QFC." What then? Would the kids really do it? I think not. My last point is, yuck. It made me sick that a 10 year old even knew what a blow job was. When I was 10 I was still collecting Garbage Pail Kids and riding my bike in circles until I past out with my nightlight at around 10:30. Then again, I was a dork who liked puzzles - not a cool person who offered tricks for dollar. I guess that makes me different or something.