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Friday, December 08, 2006


Hey guys. It's been a busy few weeks. And really I'm not stopping. Luckily, I get out of here today at 3 so I can prepare myself for seeing Ghostland Observatory TWICE FOR FREE this weekend.

I've officially put my car on craigslist. If you know anyone in the Seattle area that wants a pretty awesome car, check it:


Oh, and we sold the KEXP campaign! Stay tuned for a whole bunch of stuff! Not just a website folks. I can do more. Much, much more.

Plus, I got a call from the ex ex boyfriend this week. Kinda weird. We talked for an hour. It was ummm, interesting. And no, neither of us want to get back together. That is a very big definite. It was just a friendly catch up. That was all.

My mom moved into her condo and that's exciting.

And yeahhhh, that's it. I'm a lame blogger with nothing to say and it's 2:45 which means I need to catch a bus.


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