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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reasons why I can't find a decent Macbook.

I've been looking for a used Macbook on craigslist for two weeks now. And I've come to the conclusion that everyone who uses craigslist either doesn't really want to sell what they're trying to sell, or they skipped spelling/grammar in school.

I know I'm no writing wizard. Sometimes I accidentally throw in the occasional their when it should be there. I'm not perfect, and either are you. BUT, if you say you're in school and really need some cash so you're selling your Macbook but you say it like this:

computer works great. it is my first apple and im not very apple savy so up for sell. i just dont like the apple im used to dell. if you google a1811 you can find the specs there

I actually googled a1811, because I was curious as to what this 3rd grader was selling. Of course, I saw nothing related to an Apple Macbook. I did find out more about Sears jeans though.

Seriously folks. If you want to sell something, fucking sell it. Don't half ass a few sentences and call it a day. Give me specs. Give me a complete sentence. Use spell check! It takes only a few precious moments and does wonders to your selling capacity.

In happier news, I found out I have Cobra health insurance until November! For some reason I thought everything ended in the beginning of October, so I bought some bohunk crap insurance for a month. Now, it looks like I'm doubly covered. Woohoo. Weird pap be damned.

I also met up with some Ravelry knitters yesterday and discovered one of them recognized me from where else, Coral Springs! How crazy. For some reason this got me so excited that someone knew my pain of chain restaurants and non-existent parks. We shall hopefully talk more dirt soon.

And! Dominic and I took the ferry for a day trip to Bainbridge Island. It was so very nice, and relaxing. Just what we needed. The next day we continued our adventures to Maris Farms and looked for the perfect pumpkin, watched pigs race for their lives and ate corn on the cob.

All in all, the perfect weekend.



Blogger Kelly said...

Hooray for health insurance!

I'm so glad for you. Let me know how the doctor's appointment goes.


9:04 AM  
Blogger imran said...


this site is good for the puters :P

6:31 PM  

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