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Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm on a roll!

Yesterday was Seattle's monthly Art Walk. For those who don't have a monthly Art Walk (tear tear for you) it's when all the galleries and art studios open their doors till the wee hours so you can gawk at their art and drink their wine and eat their grapes or stale cookies.

Some of it is kinda pretenious. Some of it isn't.

As we were walking from one gallery to the next, Dominic and I approached Magic Mouse Toys and I jumped up and down and said, "Ooh have you ever been in there? It's magical." He hadn't so we hopped on in and then we were instantly transported to being 5 years old. Fake poop and chickens, that if pressed started doing the chicken dance, kaleidoscopes that if put against your eye would leave a dark circle. Oh, the hilarity! Personalized nameplates that, of course, didn't have either of our names. But did have Ernest and Latisha. Stickers that promised, FUN FOR HOURS (to which I said, Who has THAT much fun with stickers?) Band-aids with ninjas and unicorns on them! Bright lights, fuzzy things, clinks and clanks.

It was the best art we saw all night.


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