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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sidewalk Etiquette

One of the things I absolutely love about Seattle is that I can walk everywhere. I can easily stroll down to Pike Place, or the library or the parks. It's fabulous really. The streets are hilly which makes for a decent work out and since I live in one of those hipster parts, I always see something or someone interesting.

The only downfall to this walking around in a city is when there is one douchebag who doesn't know proper sidewalk etiquette. You know this person. It's usually one guy who doesn't know which side to walk on. So he walks in the middle. When you try to pass him on the right, he kinda walks to the right. Then you go to the left and he walks to the left. And even though you're right behind him, breathing down his stupid neck, he doesn't notice that you want to pass. Because you walk fast, and he walks slow. Real slow. Like snail slow. You hate this person.

Or at least I do.



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