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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I ran. I swam. I hunted. I danced!

Let me explain last weekend to you.

On Friday after passing out in the middle of Into the Wild (good movie – read/rent it), I woke up early Saturday morning because I can’t seem to wake up late any more. Dominic got into a little hissy fit about running around Green Lake, but now that I made him it’s become his new thing.

One of those I told you so moments should get inserted somewhere.

I kinda amazed myself with the running. I couldn’t go Dominic’s pace so after one lap around, I told him I had to go once more. And I timed myself. I ran 2.8 miles in 22 minutes and some change. That’s like 7.something minutes. Now I’m no expert, but I know for shit sure that that’s a big improvement on where I was like 5 years ago when I was smoking a pack a day.

I also got brand new sneakers at the best sneaker store ever. So maybe that contributed to my brand new speed.

Afterwards, we got some of that egg coloring stuff (forgive me I’m Jewish – I don’t know what that pink box with Easter bunnies are called) and colored the shit out of some hard boiled eggs.

And after that, we went to Honk Fest West.

What is this you ask? Only the most fun festival in Ballard and Georgetown ever! Think marching bands meets hobo recycling trash cans meets lots of people dancing around in the streets and neighboring bars. It was too much fun. I was actually kinda tired and not at all drunk, and I still had the greatest time dancing around. I want them to follow me around all day, every day, for the rest of my life.

The next morning, I swam 100 laps and decided I could totally do a triathlon. But then I realized I don’t ever want to do something like that, and took a shower instead.

Finally, I ate some cereal and found an egg inside. Then I looked in my jacket and found another egg. Then I couldn’t find any more eggs and started cleaning Dominic’s apartment.

I think he's gonna start hiding eggs more often.

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