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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goodbye bums, hello strollers!

I moved from the ever popular Capitol Hill a few weeks. I took pictures to remember what was once the good ol' days in my hood. There was a rocky end my last month there, because apparently the bums from the University District have been pushed out, making them ALL congregate to Capitol Hill. It was getting to the point where I just didn't feel right. Or just annoyed by 30 people asking me for change, in a one block radius. 30 people, I should add, who aren't even bums, but rather 20 year olds with meth problems.

I wonder where there parents are? I wish I knew so I could slap them for not paying enough attention, or having them in the first place.

Speaking of rotten kids, I now live in a place called Queen Anne. It's a very nice community. Which to me, kinda means boring. It's pretty and right next to one of the best views in Seattle and all the restaurants are definitely of a higher quality. The clothing stores are meant for 30 year old moms who don't go to work. And no one around here can join a knitting group, because who has the time at night what with diapers and being retired?

It's safer and I don't have to deal with crazies yelling at me because they think I'm a dragon. But instead I get a lot of stay at home moms sipping their lattes while running with their stroller kids. And they all look exactly alike.

Which would I rather be in right now? It's a toss up really.



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