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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lots to talk about, but I'm not talking about them...


Lots have happened since I last blogged. But I can't really talk about any of them. The one thing I can talk about I'm just waiting for my lazy ass to actually upload pictures so I can really talk about it. Because it was the weirdest thing I've ever done for yarn. Ever. And I think people like Maya would be proud.

Besides that, I just spent the day outside in what has been the best winter in Seattle I've had yet. Probably the best winter I've ever had, anywhere. I don't really like places that are warm in the winter. It just doesn't feel right. But either does being stuck inside your house because of too much snow. Or sliding, rather than driving, to work. Seattle is thankfully somewhere in the middle. It's been 30s in the morning and in the 40s-50s during the day. Some days are amazingly sunny and some days are not. But I'd say the majority has been on the sunny side. So for EVERYONE who thinks Seattle is the rainiest city. I say too you, haha. You lose. And I'm glad you don't live here, cause it's getting crowded.

I had a garage sale and I didn't even care about bargaining or pricing. I would sell a skirt that cost me $5, for $5 and then I'd sell things I probably got for free for like $2. People thought I was crazy, especially in Queen Anne, where everyone is way too rich, to be selling my bongos for only $5 or a bag for only $3. But I just kept saying, I don't want it anymore. I just want to get rid of things. And now I'm so happy I did. I took all my dollar bills and bought 2 Hot Chip tickets with them! The guy selling the tickets thought I was a stripper, but showing him my tiny boobs and my inability to dance assured him I was not.

Now the Library is telling me I have to save my files before they shut down on me, so I should go back outside. Into the sun. Where things are wonderful and the signs of spring are everywhere!



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