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Sunday, March 16, 2008


I live next to a nice, little yarn store called Hilltop Yarn (in Queen Anne). And a few months back they had the slightest of fires. It barely affected the yarn. There was really no damage at all to the store. But because of the fire and the fact that they are a yarn store, they had to close shop and decide what to do next. With insurance. With restocking. And with all that yarn.

So three weekends ago, on a dreary Saturday morning hundreds of women (and 5 men) formed a very long line awaiting the Hilltop Yarn 50% Yarn Sale.

These women promised to play nice, but once inside it really was a madhouse. Or really a house full of women who couldn’t move because there was simply too many of us (talk about a fire hazard). Shelves were cleared in seconds. Bags were filled and then filled some more. And everyone was stuck, pushed up against the finest, cheapest yarn of the year.

I found myself so confused and lost that I ended up in the knitting/crochet book room and decided not to come out for TWO hours. In that time I really looked over my ravelry queue print out. I found a great book (Style Bags). And even got some yarn, when it was pushed or abandoned to the sidelines.

I’m not a yarn aficionado. So when one woman from my knitting group screamed out, “Who wants Kidd? There’s light orange Kidd over here!” I’m like huh, what? Who would want a kid? They cry and poop.

Then another girl from my knitting group said, “OH MY GOD, grab that NOW!” I just couldn’t. I’m not THAT excited about yarn. I know the basics. I know the Tahki’s and the Lamb’s Pride. But I don’t know the fancy stuff, because why would I ever spend $40 on a skein of really soft yarn. Even at half price a skein I just couldn’t justify the cost.

I am getting better though. I can figure out if this random yarn I like would be good for this random project I want to do. I got the math part kinda figured out. And when I couldn’t, there were about 200 women inside, smooshed against you who could answer your yarn weight questions for you.

After circling around for awhile, and one very quick visit from Dominic (to which he shook his head in total disbelief) I miraculously found the short “paying with a check” line and was out of there in under FOUR HOURS! I did get 3 projects worth of yarn, notions and needles during that first trip for $83.

When I went back the next day, the store was practically empty. When I went back a few days after that, there was only a few too brightly colored yarn (and yet, I convinced myself at $3 a skein I could do something with orange alpaca yarn). I took pictures*. I rubbed the yarn against Dominic’s face saying things like, “See! It’s amazing! It’s soft! It turns into things!” And I’m already 90% done with my first project.

In total, I spent a little over $100. And I think I’m done for the year. Maybe.

*The pictures of yarn is only from my first trip. I got about 6 more skeins after that first day.



Blogger Maya said...

wow. I'm not sure what else to say but wow. them yarnie ladies can get pretty crazy! were there reporters there, trying to figure out the NEW knitting craze in women 24-35?

6:34 AM  
Blogger Maya said...

also.... bag style? worth buying? Not that I have space for more knitting books right now, but I am intrigued...

6:39 AM  
Blogger Rita said...

I totally bought the same book.

6:09 PM  

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