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Monday, April 14, 2008

I could make someone a good wife if they like bland food and all.

Last week I got my first bin from a CSA. What is a CSA? Well, actually I don't know. It stands for Certified something something. Basically, it means I get fresh produce delivered to my apartment and it's mostly from local farms.

When I told my Mom about this, I think she got confused because she kept comparing what I'm getting to what she used to get when Publix, the huge supermarket in Florida, delivered everything from tampons to zucchini. This is not that. This is a local food delivery service. No tampons. No beer. Just fruits and vegetables. From farms in like Snoqualmie, WA. Not Venezula.


Yesterday, I couldn't have been more pumped when Dominic dropped me off at 4pm. I spent the next FOUR HOURS cooking everything for the following week ahead. I decided planning ahead like this is the best option for me, because I've noticed lately how tired I get after work and thus I end up eating Trader O's for dinner. And I guess cereal could be okay every now and then, but a week of it gets as old as your grandma.

So I made:

Zucchini Bread for the next knit meet up.

A big salad to last me a week for lunch. It's contents include, avocado/lettuce/cabbage/argula/mozzarella cheese/rainbow chard leaves/mangos/balsamic vinegar

A very modified version of this broccoli and millet recipe. Except I barely had enough millet, so I added wild rice and then tofu and then the stems of the rainbow chard. Voila, dinner for the week and if the salad runs out then it turns into lunch too.

And to top everything off, I made Cabbage and Potato soup!
It's sitting in the freezer right now, as an in case I don't have any food heat this shit up and feel all warm inside emergency.

On Saturday I also made French Toast from beer bread I made a week (or two) ago and it was pretty darn good. But I wouldn't say I'm a chef by any means. Actually, most of the shit I make turns out kinda bland and it never looks as good as the pictures shown on these blogs I turn to. But that really doesn't matter to me. I just love making it all.

Like a website or a scarf, I seem to like to create things. Even if it means burning the shit out of my cutting board and slicing my finger along the way, I'll do what it takes to make me some real home cooking.



Blogger brit! said...

CSA=Community Supported Agriculture. And congratulations!

4:18 PM  

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