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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And then I said yes.

So....We got engaged! I just wanted to share my excitement to the internet and for those I can not reach via telephone.

This happened last night, at home, in a very sweet way. It’s something I believe is personal between the two of us so I rather not go into details. Some things are not meant for this blog and the world to know.

But we are both very happy and can’t wait for our married life to begin.

We’re getting hitched pretty soon. We don’t want the hassle of spending lots of money or the worry of planning something, big or small. We already have a trip planned for Vegas and Zion at the end of April, so we decided to tie the knot there. We have already invited those we feel can splurge on an impromptu wedding. It’s not gonna involve Elvis, like Dominic has been begging for, but it will be memorable. I’m hoping for a taco truck/mariachi band reception!

Neither of us need things, in fact we’re trying to sell things we feel like we don’t need anymore, so we’re not doing a registry. If you’re really dying to give us something, send cold hard cash. Or yarn. And history books.

Anyway, we’re both very, very excited. And I can not wait to be Mrs. Barrie Alana Campese. Dominic can’t wait to become Mr. Arliss. Teehee.

If you want to see the ring, click here.

I love you all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! awesome news, barrie. congrats to you and dominic!



12:38 PM  
Blogger a new b said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't buy it for obvious reasons. If you had said you were preggers, maybe I wouldn't be so quick to cry fool, I mean, foul.

but I love the idea of vegas... I'd so be there.

now, just call tripp and tell him he's an idiot.


(had to delete the original – bad spelling - sorry about that)

8:12 PM  

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